Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colors and main categories for documents must be a match!

Colors and main categories for documents must be a match!

Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer to add color to your office environment, organize and file your documents by color coding?

As many of us still work with both paper and electronic documents, filing hard copy documents to match our electronic documents is a must. With the increase of documents entering our business world, keeping up is important.

Color coded made easy. Color coded label and file folders have a unique way of helping you to determine where the document should be filed, and helps you avoid misfiles. How frustrating is it to spend more than a few minutes trying to find a document! Calls are waiting, the meeting will be delayed, and/or your sales call will suffer. It is urgent that the document is in your reach within a reasonable amount of time.

How do you set this up?

Review your business categories and adjust any missing categories as you go over your files. Order as many coloured folders as you have main categories. For sub categories, you can use the same color file folder and add the category code on the folder.
Another method is to use a different hue within a main category. For instance, documents filed under the category for administration, you could use a blue and within that category, a lighter color of blue. Therefore, the main categories would have a stronger effect overall.

If you have the time, you can write the code for each document, especially those of major importance. Each time you print a copy from an electronic file, create a new document, or receive a document on your desk such as a contract, you can enter the code immediately. The match for all codes should be the same as all codes for electronic documents. It will improve your office efficiency tremendously.

Not only it is an eye catcher for you, it is an aid that is valuable in saving you and your staff time, space and money. Hidden or lost files are costly and can only create havoc over time with the overflow of documents crowding and lurking in the filing cabinet.

There are many providers of this type of goods and service, and they can assist you in helping you decide on how to plan this well.

Francine Renaud,
Records Management Consultant
Tel: 250-763-3988


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